purple-lit roller rink
Get ready to boogie on wheels at The Roller Wave this winter!

If you’re having trouble adjusting to Daylight Saving Time ending, maybe setting your clocks back to 1977 will help, when disco was king and blue eyeshadow was the rage!

The Roller Wave is here to help, introducing a new wintertime activity to South Baltimore with an indoor pop-up roller skating rink. This traveling, disco-themed roller rink has a community focus, and will be open on weekends from Nov. 24 through Jan. 28 at Baltimore Peninsula’s 2455 House St. building.

The Roller Wave is the brainchild of native New Yorker Harry Martin, who is founder and owner of the pop-up rink. It’s held many sold-out events in New York City, including Alicia Keys’ birthday party, and it holds seasonal pop-ups across New York City, Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The founder attributes the rink’s popularity to a genuine passion for the culture, and their respect for the history of Roller Disco coupled with the desire to introduce the lost art to a new generation.

“When I created The Roller Wave I envisioned it as a way for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and make memories while enjoying a long-beloved activity,” said Martin. “With its amazing offerings and deep community ties, Baltimore Peninsula is the perfect place to open our first pop-up in this great city. I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with the Baltimore Peninsula team, who are as dedicated to bringing people together as we are.”

The Roller Wave officially opens to the public on Friday, Nov. 24, and weekend hours will be Fridays through Sundays from noon to 12:30 a.m. Admission will range in price from $10 – $25.

Purchase tickets by clicking this link.

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