RPCS receives the Miran Award of Excellence for Concrete Research

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Last night RPCS Upper School chemistry teachers Amy Popp and Diane Radov attended the American Concrete Institute Maryland Chapter award ceremony. Last year our senior Blaire Miran, 2016 was given an award for her STEM research project on concrete strength and the award given to her was named in her honor because the leaders of this industry were so impressed by her work. This year Roland Park Country School was awarded The Miran Award of Excellence for Concrete Research. The award certificate states: “On this date of April 28th, 2016, the Maryland Chapter of the American Concrete Institute hearby awards Roland Park Country School, the Award of Excellence for Concrete Research by a high school, for their work in developing research methods to study the effect of de-icing materials on concrete mixtures.”

Blaire MIran, 2016 presented the honor and said: “It is a privilege to stand before you today and present the ACI Excellence in Concrete Award. I am pleased to present this award to the Chemistry Department at Roland Park Country School, particularly the faculty, Amy Popp and Diane Radov. This academic school year, I had the opportunity to collaborate with these educators to develop a concrete curriculum that was woven into their solutions and acid-base chemistry units. The sustainable engineering project that they embedded into their existing curriculum gave the students real-world experience and allowed them to apply their understanding of concepts to an applicable problem that doesn’t have a definite answer. The goal of the project is to determine the most effective substance for minimizing the negative impact of salts on roads and how to lessen the impact of the corrosion of these salts on our infrastructure. The first year of this project appeared to be a great success, and I look forward to seeing this project continue to flourish in the coming years.”

Edited from Press Release

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