Russians on Eastern Shore Enjoyed Maryland Crabs — in Their Own Way

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While the main concern about an Eastern Shore mansion that President Obama shut down yesterday is rightly related to Russian spies and hacking, the news also unearthed a look at how they approached the Maryland crab.

In their search for info about the Centreville compound, news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post quoted from an AP story about the property from 1992. That was the last time there was big news about the property.

The fact that the Russian Federation took it over amid the breakup of the Soviet Union was the headline. But it’s the story’s color that makes it stand the test of time and spying accusations.

The AP’s Theresa Humphrey finds the Russian diplomats enjoying life in Centreville, with a Russian embassy rep calling the small town “a good example of how people live” in the US. Likewise, they found a community that is welcoming of the Russians.  Bonnie Delph told the AP that residents of the town fish and crab with the Russians.

However, the cultural differences between Russians and Marylanders were apparent in their approach to preparing the crabs.

”They stab them with a screw driver, break the back shell off, clean them and then boil the body,” Delph said.

It seems a bit harsh, and leaves an open question about whether they liked Old Bay. But knowing what we know now, maybe it was just the Russian spy way.


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