Sandy School: Novel and No-Brainer Tips for Storm Prep & Safety

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Last night, a rain-ready customer at the Safeway in Hamilton said she didn’t plan to “panic-shop” in anticipation of Sandy’s wrath, which is scheduled to splash more dramatically today by the hour, but many others flooded city markets to buy recommended items, like healthful non-perishables: wheat crackers, granola, peanut butter, beef jerky, anything packaged and whole-grain- and/or protein-packed to sustain you through the microwave-free night. Expert shoppers stocked extra t.p. as well — a storm is no time to run short. (By the way, don’t forget to ask elderly neighbors if they need to borrow any essential items.)

Not every survival snack need be packaged, actually. Fruit — fresh or canned — is a great option because it’s vitamin-rich and does not require refrigeration.

We all know that a reliable flashlight or two and a handful of candles are emergency essentials, but don’t forget the extra batteries (and matches!).

Bottled waters and juices can be life savers, too. By 8 p.m. Sunday, the Rotunda Rite Aid had been pretty well raided (below).

“Keep calm and carry on,” as catchy UK propaganda urged us. These Safeway checkers said they planned to do just that. “What’s else am I going to do?” asked the young woman on the left. Smart attitude.

Another way to avoid frantic cabin fever? Splurge on some serious junk food during the storm — please alternate bad-for-you treats with fruit, lean protein, and grains…and plenty of water.

Music is proven to reduce stress and improve your health — so play a few favorite tunes (as long as your electricity lasts). There’s always battery-powered radio in a pinch. Last night a small crowd braved the spitting sky to attend the free Community Concert at Second Presbyterian at 4200 St. Paul. Revel, Debussy, and Mozart, performed by local pros, made us forget the likely “storm surge,” though a cancelled intermission reminded us we ought to hurry home soon.

Our favorite bright idea? Make sure the car is filled with gas so that it can serve as a generator for electronics in the case of a power outage. After the pic, a few more practical pointers.

Don’t forget to charge your cell phone to capacity.

Secure or store inside any outdoor trashcans, potted plants and flyaway patio furniture. Clear all storm drains.

When driving, stop completely at any broken traffic signal — a new state law requires all motorists at the intersection to halt. Avoid any standing water, even if appears to be shallow.

Stay away from downed power lines.

Better yet, stay inside during the worst of it, reader, eat some chips, play music, meditate…and wait.

Safe Sandy storm to all.








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