Sartorial Baltimoreal: Hat Head, but in a Good Way

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Photos by Lee Kriel

In the 40s and 50s, women were considered in fashion and properly dressed when they went out wearing a coat, gloves and  a hat. Aside from European weddings, it was rare to see a beautiful woman wearing a hat. But the recent popularity of fedora hats has made women in hats fashionable again! When we saw one walking down the street in Fells Point on a beautiful spring evening, we had to stop and talk.

Hi. Great hat.
Thank you. I always wear hats.

Jamie, 29

Describe your personal style.
I’m from Colorado. Easy dressing. I like to wear pretty, casual dresses. I wear Toms. I like jeans and blousy tops. I dress for myself. Not very East Coast,  I know.

Do you work?
I’m training to be a yoga instructor after working for Under Armour in marketing. That’s how I got to Baltimore.




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