save your soul

It started with an email from a friend who had heard about it from a friend.  Then I found this (now dated) article in the Sun by the beloved Sam Sessa, talking about a magical evening of soul and R&B on 45s with a surprise visit from John Waters, and it seemed to good to be true.  A quick Google search unearthed this video, which highlights what I can only imagine to be the best possible evening one could have in Baltimore.  When I heard it mentioned on City That Breeds new podcast, I felt like the only person in the city who had yet to attend.

The first Friday of every month, the Lithuanian Hall in Hollins Market hosts the now-famous Save Your Soul dance party.  It’s an evening where DJs spin the best, and often most obsolete, soul music.  The beers are cheap, the honey shots are potent, the music is solid, John Waters may or may not appear, and the dancing never ends.  So go ahead and Save Your Soul tomorrow night at the Lith Hall for a whopping five bucks.

Friday, April 5th 2013
Reoccurs the first Friday of every month
9:oopm – 2:00am

Lithuanian Hall
851 Hollins St.
Baltimore, MD

To dance to some old school jams, and finally discover what it is the rest of the city’s been talking about for at least the past three years.

$10 for the Lithuanian Hall membership, $5 a visit after that.