Schaefer Versus Schaefer

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When William Donald Schaefer passed away at the age of 89 in April, local media coverage recounted all that the late governor gave in his years of public service. But for one Michael Schaefer (no relation), it wasn’t quite enough. In fact, it was about $28,000 short.

Michael Schaefer filed the sizable claim against the William Donald Schaefer estate as a reimbursement for meals he had paid for, and errands and favors he performed for the late governor over the course of their friendship.

Schaefer claimed that he was promised a place in the governor’s will, which he did not get. He failed to produce evidence that their relationship had been closer than a simple friendship or that their was a legally binding monetary agreement between the two, and so his claim was dismissed.

I’m not sure what the lesson is here, but it’s either that one shouldn’t expect to be “reimbursed” for a friendship or that when someone owes you $28,000 it’s best to collect before they pass on.

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