See Fracking Up Close in ‘Groundswell Rising’ Film Screening

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CCAN and Food & Water Watch are hosting a screening and discussion at Red Emma's on July 21st.
CCAN and Food & Water Watch are hosting a screening and discussion at Red Emma’s on July 21st.

It’s been quiet on the fracking front since Maryland’s General Assembly legislated a two-year fracking moratorium. Not for long. In an effort to educate Marylanders on what’s at stake, Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Food & Water Watch are hosting a free screening of the documentary, Groundswell Rising: Protecting our Children’s Water and Air. The film takes viewers into fracking communities and reveals the real-world issues of living with fracking. It’s sobering to say the least. The film will be screened on July 21 at Red Emma’s, followed by a discussion with one of the Pennsylvania landowners featured in the film, Craig Stevens. Also, get a peek at “Phase 2” in Maryland’s fight against fracking – an outright fracking ban similar to New York state’s. 

Maryland and New York are fracking’s only holdouts. Since 2006, more than 100,000 wells have been drilled in over 30 states. Then Governor O’Malley’s executive order held off fracking permits through his terms, yet he approved fracking on his way out. The 2015 Maryland General Assembly passed a two-year fracking moratorium. Pro-frackers view this time-out to rewrite O’Malley’s restrictive fracking regulations proposed at the end of his tenure. Anti-frackers see the 2-years as time to better educate citizens about fracking’s health and environmental risks.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Shilpa Joshi explains, “As the film Groundswell Rising accurately points outs, when fracking comes to town entire communities endure serious health impacts, loss of quality of life, water contamination, and air pollution. Our Don’t Frack Maryland coalition’s next step is to educate our state on why a fracking ban is needed. Fracking is self-destructive to our communities and to our climate.”

That last point was the driving force for Groundswell Rising’s director Renard Cohen to make this film.

I believe that people have been treated with great insensitivity, to put it nicely, by a giant multinational industry,” he said. “I had thought that our laws protected us from this kind of treatment, but apparently I was wrong and our protections have been sold out along with our dignity. We all need to know that this is going on and be made aware of what can be done to protect our children, our quality of life and our environment.”

This event seems like a smart, two-hour investment to better educate ourselves on what fracking really brings to our state. Check out the trailer and read an interview with Cohen. Screening details below.

Free Screening: Groundswell Rising: Protecting our Children’s Air and Water. Followed followed by a discussion with Craig Stevens who is featured in the film. Stevens will discuss his family’s experience since fracking came to his rural Pennsylvania town.

When: Tuesday, July 21, 2015.  7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Where: Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse. 30 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD. 21201

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