Sequestration Comes Home to Howard County

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If there’s one thing businesspeople like, it’s predictability. And according to Sen. Ben Cardin that’s exactly what sequestration — the epic legislative fail of deep across-the-board spending cuts that began March 1 — has obliterated. The senator participated in a town hall meeting in Howard County with more than 25 local business leaders to discuss the effect that $85 billion in total cuts over the next year is having on small business.

Cardin claimed that a supermajority of senators are ready to work together end sequestration, but that a similar agreement in the House is unlikely. “The initiation will have to come from either the White House or the Senate,” he said.

I can’t understand why the threat of sequestration wasn’t enough of an incentive to solve the problem, but if they need more nudging, how about let’s say if no agreement is reached all incumbents are barred from running for re-election? Maybe we could put these legislators’ self-preservation instincts to good use.

Cardin said the state has determined that it stands to lose something like 13,000 jobs due to sequestration.


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