Serial’s Adnan Syed Will Be Back in Court in February

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The new season of hit podcast Serial launched last week, even as the Baltimore man who was featured in season one was hearing good news about a potential retrial.

Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend in 2000; ever since, he’s been working to get a retrial. Thanks to a ruling this week, Syed is one step closer to getting a retrial now that a post-conviction hearing is scheduled for February 5. This is not a retrial– rather, it’s a chance for Syed’s lawyers to present a new alibi witness and raise questions about the accuracy of some of the cell phone data that was used to convict Syed.

Post-conviction hearings are lost far more often than they’re won in Maryland. However, if Syed and his lawyers buck the trend, that means he’ll get a new trial–which could go either way.

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