Seriously, Howard County — You’re So Rich It’s Disgusting

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Greenbridge Pottery in Dayton, Md.
Greenbridge Pottery in Dayton, Md.

Some rankings are inherently more controversial than others. A list of the 10 Greatest Rock Albums presents a lot more to argue about than does a list of the 10 Tallest Basketball Players. Baltimore Business Journal‘s list of the Baltimore area’s 50 Wealthiest ZIP Codes is definitely in a category with the latter. There are no upsets. There can’t be. But man if it didn’t freak me out anyway.

Howard County, you are absolutely owning this list. Nine out of the top ten ZIP codes are yours. (The one non-Howard County locale — Phoenix — gets a blurb about John Waters’s Pink Flamingos being shot there. Jeez, way to class up the list, Baltimore County! Who let that guy in here, anyway?)

Topping the list is Dayton, where the median home value is $732,222 and average net worth is $1.85 million. And West Friendship and Glenelg are very, very close behind.

I mean, who’s staffing your Burger Kings, guys? Are they bused in by neighboring counties?

If anyone in one of the following 10 ZIP codes is looking for an uncouth, spunky, street-smart 30-something to bequeath her estate to, let me know:

1. 21036, Dayton
2. 21794, West Friendship
3. 21737, Glenelg
4. 21723, Cooksville
5. 20759, Fulton
6. 21738, Glenwood
7. 21029, Clarksville
8. 20777, Highland
9. 21131, Phoenix
10. 21042, Ellicott City

Read more about the top 10 ZIPs here.



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