Sew Fabulous Sewing School Students 7-70s

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Stitching Up Summer Looks, Cool Style & Seamless Interest in the Art of Sewing

There’s a pattern taking shape in a bright and airy suite of cozy workrooms, by a lively group that’s literally taking Fashion into their own hands. More than 125+ tweens, teens, seniors, fashion design students on summer break, men and women, boys and girls creating their own runway chic; stitching, weaving, beading, knitting, zipping through, having fun and cutting up all summer long at the Sew Fabulous Sewing School located at 1100 Reisterstown Road, Suite 200, in Pikesville, Maryland.

Some students want to channel their inner designer. Some just want to design their own clothes. Others are interested in making novel items like stuffed animals and dolls. Then there are those fashionistas at heart who enjoy selecting the garment they choose to create, as much as they’ll enjoy wearing it.  Stylish rompers and circle skirts are tweens & teens 1st choice. Teens in particular are drawn to trendy sheer shirts and jumpsuits. Seniors opt for unconstructed jackets. College students prefer tailored looks that challenge their skills, require advanced techniques and reflect a point-of-view.

“Our mission is for every student to learn the wonderful art of sewing, whether they want to learn basics sewing techniques, brush up on their skills, learn new ones or create their own designs. Our team of instructs, steers and directs every seam, pleat and stitch to insure that every detail is completed successfully,” states Margaret Garland, owner and instructor. “Ms. Margaret” as she called by students, continues, “we offer students an opportunity to explore various aspects of garment making and embrace the art of sewing, a skill once acquired they can apply and enjoy forever.”

The numbers of sewing enthusiasts, and advocates committed to preserving the Art of Sewing and garment making are on the rise in the Baltimore DMV. Trending interest can be attributed to the impact of Fashion being woven into the daily fabric of daily life, via creation of the Style Channel, televised fashion industry competitions, use of celebrities to promote global brands, the increasing appeal of unique custom-made clothing, and emergence of online and mobile fashion boutiques.

Upcoming activities include the 3rd Annual Sew Fabulous Benefit Fashion Show scheduled to take place at the Pikesville Hilton on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 4:00p.m. Contact: 410.653.3212 for more details. A portion of the proceeds to benefit “A Better Day Senior Center.”

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