The ever-wonderful Single Carrot Theatre is kicking off their sixth season with another promising production tonight at 8pm at their temporary home at MICA’s  Favley Hall.  The show, “Drunk Enough to say I Love You?” will truly raise the question, “What does it mean to love America?”, following Guy and Sam as they navigate the tumultuous political love affair America has cultivated with the rest of the world, and its inevitable backlash.  Following each performance there will be a panel discussion on foreign policy and the role our country has played in defining the current global state of affairs.  As always with Single Carrot, I anticipate a wonderful show that really forces me to ask questions and seek answers.

Tickets are between $10-$25.

Please note the following changes regarding performance locations:
Falvey Hall (1301 W. Mount Royal Ave. Baltimore, MD)
October 5&6, 8:00pm
October 7, 5:00pm
October 11, 8:00pm

Studio Center (113 W. North Ave. Baltimore, MD)
October 12&13, 8:00pm
October 14, 5:00pm
October 18, 19, 20, 8:00pm
October 21, 5:00pm