SNL’s Kenan Thompson Plays Ben Carson in Cold Open

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Kenan Thomspon plays Ben Carson
He’s about to drop the mic.

Ben Carson has been toning down his message lately (well, sort of), but as far as Saturday Night Live is concerned, the 2016 Republican hopeful is still defined by his shocking political statements.

Saturday’s cold open reimagined the upcoming Southern Republican Leadership Conference as “the hottest event of the year,” complete with a DJ (Cecily Strong) introducing candidates and cracking jokes punctuated by air horn. After Beck Bennett’s Mike Huckabee (“he don’t give a huck!”) popped and slapped on his electric bass, Ben Carson (Kenan Thompson) came to the stage.

“He’s about to put his neurosurgery training to use,” Strong warns, “because the things he says will blow your mind.”

“Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery!” Thompson says before dropping the mic with a dead-eyed stare.

Strong’s last joke is the best: “Put this guy in prison, ’cause he’s gonna steal your vote. But watch out, because if sexuality works the way he says it does, he might turn gay in there!”

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