Solar Panels to be Added to Gilman Lower School Building

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A grant from the Lockhart Vaughan Foundation is funding the installation of 288 solar panels on the roof of the Lower School. The installation, which is underway, is being done by Solargaines. The solar array is estimated to produce 84,675kWh annually and will offset 103,490 tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of planting 318 trees, running M&T Stadium for 42 days, or counterbalancing 96,222 miles driven each year.

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Located at the corner of Northern Parkway and Roland Avenue, the roof of Henry Callard Hall will be a visible statement of Gilman’s commitment to environmental sustainability and an inspiration to neighboring communities, linking historic and cutting-edge technologies by retrofitting a classic slate roof for the installation of a large solar array. The installation is expected to be completed in March.

“Gilman is grateful to have the support of the Lockhart Vaughan Foundation in our efforts to expand our green footprint across campus,” said Gilman Headmaster Henry P. A. Smyth. Previous projects have included a green roof on the Lumen Center, a solar array on the Science Building, and an investment in eco-friendly housekeeping and campus-wide recycling. More information about Gilman’s green initiatives can be found here.

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The energy savings that result from the new solar panels will be reinvested back into the School’s operating budget.

Environmental projects at Gilman have been incorporated throughout the science curriculum. Whether checking ‘pollution traps’ in Lower School, monitoring solar panel data in Middle School, or exploring sustainable design on campus, Gilman students explore how they can contribute to building a better future for their planet. A Lower School assembly will explain how the solar panels work and the contribution they will make to their building’s daily electricity usage. Lower School students will follow the progress of the installation of the solar panels and monitor their use.

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