Sonar Closes for Good, Baltimore Mourns

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Baltimore music venue Sonar officially shuttered its doors yesterday. We don’t know exactly why, but the club’s majority shareholder is facing allegations of working a major, country-wide marijuana operation.

For some (which is to say, for me), Sonar was always the club you loved to hate (charging a dollar for tiny cups of tap water to dehydrated Whartscape attendees – and staffers?!), but from the club stage, where you might have seen Monotonix’s frontman Ami Shalev stuff himself into a trash can while underage kids tried to convince you to buy them beer, to the relocated Talking Head club, where you might have caught the now-defunct Ponytail playing on a one-foot high stage, to the cavernous main stage, it’s impossible not to mourn the loss. It was the largest legit space that had a chance of booking an act that the warehouse set may have actually wanted to see.

Oh, and as a performer, I can tell you that the sound and lighting techs have always been easy to work with (except for this one guy, but whatever).

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