When mold was discovered in two residence halls at St. Mary’s College, administrators scrambled to shuffle students around so they could get in there and clean the icky stuff away. Doubles were converted to triples, four-person townhouses became five-person townhouses, and, as a last resort, the school booked hotel rooms for some of the 350 students who had to be relocated.

But although a free stint in a hotel room sounds pretty great, it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth — mainly because students had a hard time getting to school. So school officials came up with an ingenious plan for how to get the students back on the water-side campus… they rented a cruise ship, and docked it near the college’s pier on St. Mary’s River. Around 240 students will call the Sea Voyager home for the rest of the semester. Hopefully it will kind of be like Breaker High.*

*a Canadian teen comedy-drama series that ran from 1997 to 1998, set at a high school located on a cruise ship, allowing the episodes to be set in a variety of exotic locations, although the series was, in fact, filmed entirely in Burnaby, British Columbia. The show dealt with teen issues such as dating, finances, and friendship, although the series tended to steer away from the “tougher” situations outlined in other teen dramas at the time. Starring a teen Ryan Gosling as Sean Stanley Hanlon – “The wannabe ladies’ man.”