Seize the day, seize the book… just make sure you pay for it first. Stan Lee, the store cat at Carpe Librum needs the bucks for his kitty treats. He loves his treats, but more than that, Stan is all about the experience. Books and bookstores are a crucial part of the cat and human community.

Humans, those handy two-legged head scratchers, might be able to buy books online, but you can’t pay homage to felines or to Stan Lee by staying home in your PJs. Supporting Carpe Librum is supporting your local cat and human population.

Stan Lee has been with the store since it opened in January of 2020, but he’s an experienced bibliocat and has been selling online since 2016. Sometimes, you just need to expand your fan base and create your own reality by opening a storefront.

Stan’s thought on books, bookstores, and holding court with his adoring fans run deep. We talked with Mr. Stan Lee from his favorite pile of books at Carpe Librum.

So, in this digital age, why do bookstores matter?
Don’t get me wrong. I love the Internet. It was created for cats by cats, but you can only scroll through so many cat memes. It can’t replace cat interaction. You can’t download calming purrs and soft fur. Bookstores, like cats, offer the experience you humans crave.

So, what is it with bookstores and cats?
Books and cats just go together. It dates back to the Library of Alexandria. Some say it’s because of rodentia, but it’s really that writers, readers, and cats are just naturally drawn to the written word.

What’s special about your store? And we understand it is your store.
I mewed it before, and I’ll mew it again, it’s all about the experience and part of that experience is the customer service. We don’t just sell books. We climb into them and in my case on to them. There’s nothing like sitting on a fresh pile and absorbing their essence.

At Carpe Librum, we curate. That means the books are handpicked for our customers. You aren’t going to see a book on mammals of the Pacific Northwest, but of course we can order that if you like, though I’m more an Audubon cat myself.

Does your bookstore hold events?
We are Carpe Librum, that literally means “Seize the book.” That’s Latin, you know. It’s a clever play on “Carpe Diem” which means seize the day, not the carp. Every day when I’m working is an event, but yes, we do have extra special days.

For example, coming up we have a storytelling event with local Native American/Cherokee storyteller Joseph Stands With Many this Saturday, March 14th at 1pm. Cats are great storytellers, but we are terrible spellers, that’s why I have an editor.  Remind me to tell you the tale of my empty food bowl.

Where can your future fans find you?
At Carpe Librum on 7221 Hartford Road in Baltimore, Maryland, of course, but don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and paw that like button. There really should be a love button, don’t you think?

Any closing words?
As my fellow namesake would say, “Excelsior!” That means ‘ever upward;’ that’s also Latin. Book cats can be rather sophisticated. Now, if you excuse me, it’s time for my Tuna Yum Yums and my afternoon nap…

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