Acclaimed poet and author Alan Kaufman reads in Greektown this Thursday evening at 7, at the Acropolis Restaurant, 4718 Eastern Avenue at Oldham Street in Greektown. Dean Bartoli Smith emcees; Rafael Alvarez and Betsy Boyd, Baltimore Fishbowl’s senior editor, will read short fiction.

“Rebel poet” Kaufman — who gets compared to the likes of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac — will read from his new memoir, Drunken Angel, an unvarnished chronicle of his jagged journey from alcoholism to sobriety, his personal spiritual quest and his quest to find the daughter he abandoned.

Kaufman is also the author of the memoir Jew Boy, the novel Matches, and is the editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Key in helping to establish the Spoken Word movement, Kaufman was born in Brooklyn and lives in San Francisco. He is the son of a French holocaust survivor. Dave Eggers said of Kaufman’s Jew Boy, “There is more passion here than you see in 20 other books combined.” Go here to read his poem, “Who We Are.”

Come for a diverse literary show, free Greek appetizers and live accordion music!

And watch for regular monthly Greektown readings throughout 2012, always on Thursday evening, all curated by Alvarez — most to be held at neighborhood restaurants, with free-of-charge goodies to nosh.