Station North’s BAMF Café is closing this month

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Some somber news, Station North residents and local comic book lovers: BAMF Café on N. Charles Street is shutting down this month.

The café and eatery, themed entirely around comics, sci-fi and other nerdy realms, is closing up July 23, according to an announcement made on Facebook this morning.

“We want to thank the Station North community for its support and friendship,” the statement says in part. “It has been a unique experience that we will cherish forever. With heartfelt gratitude, we wish our customers, neighbors and employees the best in the future.”

BAMF Café opened in fall of 2015 at 1821 N. Charles Street, across the street from what’s now The Parkway Theatre. As City Paper reported, its name doesn’t reference the profane phrase that you were thinking of, but rather stands for “Books, Action Figures, Movies, Friends.” Cleverly, it’s also a nod to the sound made when Nightcrawler of the X-Men series teleports.

The café has a full-service coffee counter and pastries, sandwiches, salads and other snacks for sale. It also offers plenty of welcome distractions, aesthetically speaking, with cutouts of comic book characters, art and more adorning the walls, and puzzles and games to keep you busy.

Oddly, the business had just announced its new summer hours on Saturday.

Reached by phone this morning, an employee said a manager wasn’t around to speak about the closure, but would be in later.

The announcement is yet another sign of the changes afoot in the neighborhood. Worker-owned book store, restaurant and event space Red Emma’s this weekend left the arts district for a much larger space at W. Preston and Cathedral streets in Midtown. Another popular hangout, Liam’s Flynn’s Ale House, just around the corner on North Avenue, closed at the beginning of last year and remains empty.

It’s not all bad. Station North has welcomed some new additions, including the Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation-owned arts space and restaurant Motor House, the Baltimore Improv Group’s newly renovated theater and the gaming space No Land Beyond.

But in the case of this closure, we can’t think of any real silver lining. You will be missed, BAMF Café.

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