cool as ice

There are times when a movie is so horrific that it becomes nothing short of wonderful.  A Night at the Roxbury, for instance, is such an awful piece of cinematic work that one cannot help but adore it.  Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan in matching shiny suits head bopping to 1998’s finest club beats brings the dorkiest smile to one’s face.

Imagine my unbridled joy when I discovered MONDO BALTIMORE – where horrible cinema is not only revered, but rightfully praised.  Every Thursday at The Windup Space on North Avenue, lovers of film failures assemble to absorb the atrocities.  This week’s chosen masterpiece is “Cool as Ice,” a movie where, apparently, Vanilla Ice felt he should make his highly-anticipated screen debut.  Rated a whopping 2.4 stars on IMDB, the plot synopsis reads, “A rap oriented re-make of “Rebel Without a Cause,” with heavy emphasis on the fact that rap star Vanilla Ice has assumed the James Dean role.”  I’ve been assured that there are bad jackets aplenty and that Vanilla Ice attempts to woo an honors student.  No worries, Vanilla Ice; you had me at, “Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.”

The Windup Space
12 W North Ave

Thursday, January 3
7:00p – 10:00p

Because Vanilla Ice made a movie and terrible movies make us feel better about our smaller failures.  At least we didn’t invest millions in a movie for lesser rappers.