Story About Maryland Rejecting Electoral College Deemed Fake

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Hillary-Clinton-calls-for-overhaul-of-criminal-justice-system-in-wake-of-Baltimore-riotsLast week, Marylanders seeking silver linings to last week’s election results may have seen a story sloshing around on social media about how the state decided to ignore the Electoral College. It wasn’t real.

In a particularly local example of the fake news flinging around the internet this election season, the story from “The Conservative Daily Post” said that Maryland was bypassing the Electoral College and handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Fact-checking deemed the story false.

It got things a little twisted. For one, it cites a story from 2007 about a proposal that was designed to sidestep the electoral college. It was never implemented. The story treated the development as breaking news, and warns that leaders are “essentially staging a coup.”

Snopes says the claim that Maryland was reversing its decision to award Electoral College votes to Clinton because she was the winner of the popular vote makes things “a little extra non-sensical.” Clinton won in Maryland, meaning she gets the state’s Electoral College votes. The fact that she won the national popular vote didn’t change that.

Facebook is under fire for the proliferation of fake news stories that appeared during the election, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed only 1 percent of the posts that appear have false info.

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