Stupid Human Tricks for Charity: Planit Needs Your Vote!

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Last week, Baltimore-based marketing and communications agency Planit launched an interactive holiday challenge live on its Facebook page. For seven days, Planit invites Facebook fans to vote for a stupid-human stunt they’d like to see the staff perform. (For example, would you prefer to see Planit guys sing carols in the Inner Harbor or Planit gals plan a holiday-theme fitness routine? Setup’s modeled after the popular “Would You Rather?” game.) Votes will be tallied at the end of the seven-day challenge and, best part, Planit will make a charitable donation based on the number of “likes” received! 

Visit Planit’s Facebook page daily to vote for the funny stunt you’d most like to see, then sit back and watch Planiteers get humiliated each and every day between Dec. 15 and 23.

If this for-charity silliness is not in the giving spirit of the season, what is?

“We launched the first challenge yesterday, which asked our Facebook fans if they’d rather see our interactive department taking a shot of Tabasco sauce, or our print department eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Tabasco won the most votes, and our interactive team lived up to the challenge this morning,” said Amber Valera, Planit spokesperson.

Stay tuned throughout the week to see videos and pictures of each dare! We “like” the generous idea!



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