Sunday Afternoon Parade Bubbling Up in Hampden

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blowbubblescatch of the day fish (2)Long before Amazon same-day delivery, blowing bubbles was the original form of instant gratification. Not only do bubbles lift one’s mood upon creation, they also make people of every age happy. A group called the 100 Happy Days Project is looking to spread the smiles around the world — all at the same time.

On Sunday, the group is staging a worldwide, coordinated flashy mobby kind of thing in a host of cities. The Baltimore Bubble Parade meeting point is at the 7-11 in Hampden at the corner of Falls Rd. and W. 36th St. They’ll meet at 1 p.m., and proceed to create the biggest bubbles possible from there.

The route is a quick stroll down The Avenue to Beech St., and back. Participants are encouraged to wear bright colors and bring along implements of fun.

Bubble guns are encouraged.


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