Sunnyfields Cabinetry offers exclusive luxury gifts, and the design and build services you need to realize your dream home.

The company may be known for their beautiful Simon Pearce glassware offerings and breathtaking cabinetry showroom, but they remain unique to the area by providing the full range of services required for re-modeling projects. Sunnyfields shop and showroom is only the most recent branch of veteran high-end construction company, Delbert Adams Construction Group, which for decades has offered a full range of home construction and cabinetry design services.

The two branches of the business work hand in hand to offer customers the entire range of expertise required for any size build, from architect to construction crew, to designers of the interior cabinetry and kitchen/bath layouts. “We customize and assemble the best team according to the needs of each client,” says owner, Gina Adams. And the members of that team will change depending on the project itself. “It could be we need a structural engineer, or an interiors professional. Architects and design professionals are always a key component to any successful project we do.”

Once the work has been done, customers of the construction company or Sunnyfields Cabinetry can opt for the company’s “Gold Seal” maintenance service, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment of a new space from the start. Because of this, they’re able to offer not just the cosmetic design of your kitchen or bath, but the architectural design and construction of the entire structure. While some of the largest DACG Construction projects are luxury clubs and high-end businesses, the majority of Sunnyfields customers are home owners and design professionals representing their clients. Setting themselves apart from competition, Sunnyfields offers a personal, collaborative experience with the offer of longterm commitment to the finished product.

The physical retail shop with the Sunnyfields name has been an institution in the Bare Hills Community for over half a century. Opened in the late 1940’s as an interior design and antiques business, it quickly transformed into a more traditional gift shop featuring shelves full of china and fine gifts. The shop was purchased by Delbert Adams Construction Group in 2014, and transformed into a showroom that customers could visit to visualize their dream kitchens. At the same time, the company wanted to continue the tradition of Sunnyfields as a welcoming destination to purchase heirloom gifts, with a new added bonus of learning about their cabinetry offerings in a low pressure atmosphere. They recruited a local architect (Brian Swanson) to envision an airy, home-like environment, merging the home gifts with their own cabinetry so flawlessly it requires no imagination to picture the two together in the wild.

Sunnyfields prides itself as a company trying to redefine the feeling of a traditional showroom, and it’s working. In a bold and unconventional move, Adams also decided to set aside one room of the showroom for an art gallery. She features new artists on an ambitious once-a-month show schedule, and holds openings at the space for each new show. “It’s a great opportunity for people to come out to a fun cultural event,” she explains “they can support the arts and learn about the range of services Sunnyfields offers at the same time.” The opportunities of those nights reach further than the customers. The gallery has proven a success and shows of both local and national artists have been known to sell out.

A gift shop & art gallery don’t immediately register an obvious fit for a company that specializes in cabinetry design for luxury homes or country clubs, but it comes down to a commitment to anticipating the needs of the customer. Each creative component makes the high-end design service feel both approachable and accessible, with the added benefit of also being appealing institutions in and of themselves. To those of us not in the business of building, home projects can feel overwhelming to initiate, just trying to understand the process alone. Sunnyfields offers the convenience of managing the entire project and advocating for the home owner through the entire process. Their specialists are highly familiar with the enormous range of materials, fixtures and appliances that go into each project. Constantly seeking out new and innovative products and services, the company embraces efficient technologies and green construction methods, and emphasizes the quality of hand-crafted, design-forward products. Sunnyfields works with many local distributers, including environmentally and socially conscious options for wood and lighting, and when a project is over, they regularly partner with reclaimed material facilities, like Second Chance in South Baltimore to donate (or even sometimes source) re-useable building materials.

Sunnyfields is the rare company that achieves its high-end goals in a way that is refreshingly utilitarian, making a complex undertaking feel legitimately fun, and their expertise in all areas of the project makes the entire experience stress free.

The Sunnyfields showroom is located at 6305 Falls Rd, Suite 100 in Baltimore.

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