Supporters of Adnan Syed Raise $29K and Counting for His Legal Defense

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Adnan Syed
Adnan Syed pictured with his younger brother, via

Sarah Koenig’s Serial became the most popular podcast of all time, gave listeners an addictive true crime mystery to parse, opened up old wounds for friends and family of murder victim Hae Min Lee, inspired a scholarship fund, and reignited efforts to clear the name of Adnan Syed, the man who as a teenager was convicted of Lee’s murder.

Dennis Robinson and Rabia Chaudry, who suggested Koenig cover the case in the first place, have launched a fundraising effort for Syed’s legal defense. The goal is $250,000. As of today, they’ve raised $29,000.

Whereas Koenig’s faith in Syed’s innocence may have been shaken here and there throughout the course of the podcast, Chaudry’s has remained firm. On her blog, she posts trial transcripts and other evidence related to the case and detailed commentary on each Serial episode.

Syed is currently serving a life sentence plus 30 years. According to the fundraising page, “Adnan awaits the Maryland Court of Special Appeals response to his request for post-conviction relief. If the court grants Adnan’s request and overturns his conviction, there is a very real chance that he will be retried.”

The money raised is intended to fund his defense in the event of a retrial.


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