Supreme Court Finally Tracks Down Bobby Chen, Denies His Case Anyway

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Supreme_Court_US_2010The U.S. Supreme Court’s long search for Bobby Chen finally came to an end. Justices being justices, they decided Chen’s case wasn’t worth considering, after all.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Chen was denied a second chance to bring his case before the court. Late last year, the paper tried to locate Chen on their own. On Monday, they found the denial in a long list of cases that were denied rehearings.

Chen’s saga began when he sued Baltimore City for demolishing his rowhouse in 2009.¬†After being denied by the state, Chen wrote his own brief to the U.S. Supreme Court without a lawyer’s help. Somehow, the justices signaled that they wanted to take his case. But they couldn’t find a way to get in touch with Chen, so they dismissed the case.

Earlier this month, however, Chen resurfaced with one of the top Supreme Court lawyers in the country arguing his case. They tried to ask the justices for another chance to make their case, but it wasn’t enough.

Somewhere, the screenplay will remain half-written.

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