T. Rowe Price Foundation Gives $1.3M in Grants to West Baltimore Nonprofits

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Strength to Love farm (via Baltimore Green Map)
Strength to Love farm (via Baltimore Green Map)

The T. Rowe Price Foundation made its biggest donation yet to help West Baltimore nonprofits. The grant money will support efforts to grow fresh produce, financial education and the capacity of the nonprofit organizations to help.

The foundation connected to the Baltimore-based investment firm is pledging $1.3 million over the next three years to organizations working in the area of the city that came into focus with the death of Freddie Gray and unrest that followed his funeral.

The foundation has existed since 1981. It has never committed more money at one time to a single initiative.

The money was intentionally awarded to fund collaborations between nonprofits.

There’s a great deal of work being done by nonprofits in West Baltimore. But, unfortunately, it’s often done in pockets, and it’s hard to scale these initiatives to have a broader impact,” said T. Rowe Price Foundation President John Brothers in a statement.

Here is how the grants break down:

$575,000 will help build nonprofits’ capacity. Baltimore Corps and the Maryland Association of Nonprofits will receive money to “scale the impact of West Baltimore nonprofits,” an announcement states. New Leaders will receive some of the money to bolster leadership in schools.

$480,000 to assist with financial education for low-income residents. Junior Achievement will lead this effort, partnering with Baltimore Cash and Maryland Cash.

$200,000 to grow fresh produce. No Boundaries Coalition and Strength to Love Farm II will team up on this effort to make the produce and healthy eating education available to residents.


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