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This Week in Research: Absent Students and Wildfires



Absenteeism is a major problem for public school students; it interrupts teaching continuity, leads to lower grades, and makes kids more likely to drop out entirely. Many school systems react to chronic absenteeism by punishing students–but according to new research from Johns Hopkins, that may not be the best way to keep students in school.

This Week in Research: Absent Students and Mixed-Up Emotions

Recent research from Johns Hopkins shows that empty desks hurt all students — not just the absent ones.

In this series, we look at the newest findings coming out of our area’s top research universities. We’ve got some great minds in Baltimore — let’s learn what they’re learning!

It’s not shocking that chronically absent students are likely to fall behind their peers; what’s more surprising is that their absenteeism can hurt their classmates with perfect attendance records as well, according to new research out of the Johns Hopkins School of Education.