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City Paper’s Joe MacLeod Rehired as a Freelancer

via City Paper on Facebook
via City Paper on Facebook

The City Paper‘s “Mr. Wrong” columnist and creative director Joe MacLeod has had a thrilling couple weeks. After 25 years with the paper, MacLeod was fired without a severance package by City Paper‘s recent owners Times-Shamrock on the heels of MacLeod’s attempt to publish a profanity-ridden installment of his column.

After all that, City Paper‘s new owners the Baltimore Sun rehired MacLeod as a freelancer and are even paying him $50 more for each column.

City Paper’s Joe MacLeod Goes Down in a Blaze of F-Bombs



via City Paper on Facebook
via City Paper’s Facebook page

The City Paper‘s acquisition by the Baltimore Sun just got very real. Seven CP employees were laid off yesterday, including creative director Joe MacLeod, circulation director Christine Grabowski, production director Athena Towery, business manager Susan Slike, digital director Andrew Vogel, classified line representative Andrew Aquino, and receptionist Veronica Eldridge.

MacLeod’s departure — after 25 years with the paper — was the most spectacular. According to a blog post from editor Evan Serpick, the “Mr. Wrong” columnist submitted an unbroken string of four-letter words beginning with F — except for a single instance of “The Sun” — for what would have been his final installment. Current owners Times-Shamrock would agree neither to print it nor to have it published online. City Paper proposed a blank column with a headline that acknowledged the censorship; Times-Shamrock rejected that as well.

A little after 4 p.m., MacLeod tweeted the following: