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Man Accused of Stabbing Two Women in Baltimore Arrested in New Jersey


Police have found the man who they say killed a 60-year-old woman and stabbed her mother at a West Baltimore home late this past Sunday.

Towson Arrest Video Goes Viral



In the early hours of Saturday morning, Baltimore County police arrested a 19-year-old college student outside Towson’s Greene Turtle. 

Two Cruise Passengers Arrested in Baltimore

It's all fun and games on a cruise ship... until someone gets arrested.
It’s all fun and games on a cruise ship… until someone gets arrested.

The high seas are a lawless place… but not so much the Port of Baltimore, as two cruise ship passengers recently discovered. 

Sip & Bite Owner Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

Anthony Vasilades (left) with Guy Fieri
Anthony Vasilades (left) with Guy Fieri

Sip & Bite owner Anthony Vasiliades agreed to plead guilty in connection with his arrest on cocaine charges, according to federal court records.

When John Waters Got Arrested at Johns Hopkins



Every interview with John Waters has the potential to be magnificent–the guy is just smart, funny, and forthright–but I have to say that this recent Q&A with Johns Hopkins’s Bret McCabe is one of the best.

McCabe gets Waters to spin some stories about hitchhiking (and picking up hitchhikers) in Baltimore:

The last time I saw one in Baltimore, I picked him up. It was the daytime on Eastern Avenue, and I was there innocently—Eastern Avenue didn’t used to be an innocent place to pick up hitchhikers, believe me. And he got in the car and immediately started huffing glue. And I said, “Just make yourself comfortable.” He offered me some. I said no—it wasn’t a Friday night, it was a Tuesday morning or something. If I’m going to huff glue in my 60s, it ain’t going to be on a weekday morning. It would have to be a really bad night, late.

Another Baltimore Cop Gets Arrested (He Was Pimping Out His Wife); What is Going On!?



On Friday, the Baltimore Police nabbed a man who attempted to pimp out his wife to an undercover cop for $100 at a BWI-area hotel. The twist:  the husband-pimp, Lamin Manneh, is himself a Baltimore City cop in the Eastern District. That same week, a Baltimore cop killed his girlfriend, held a toddler hostage, and engaged in a standoff with the SWAT team. And a woman claiming that four Baltimore police officers assaulted her when she tried to film them with her cell phone camera (because they were allegedly assaulting a juvenile suspect) recently filed a million-dollar suit against the officers and department last month. All of which begs the question:  What is going on with the Baltimore City Police?