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Great Properties in Prime Locations Go Up for Auction Oct. 1

Tranzon Fox
Have you driven by this Roland Park Victorian? It’s up for auction Oct. 1.

catch of the day fish (2)How many times have you driven through any of Baltimore’s particularly beautiful neighborhoods, gawking at house after house, trimmed hedge after trimmed hedge—ogling dormer windows, widow’s walks, wrap-around porches—thinking, “maybe that house was affordable fifty years ago, but these days…” But who says pieces of property like that need to be a pipe dream? Baltimore is full of amazing architecture, and unlike in some larger cities, here it’s totally possible to become the owner of a fabulous home in a great neighborhood. And while there are a variety of ways to go about doing that, auctions can be the savvy buyer’s ticket to truly unique and hard-to-come-by properties. On October 1st, Tranzon Fox will be offering a couple of properties at a special one-day-only auction—one in Roland Park and the other along the ever-expanding Falls Road corridor. If you’ve ever considered purchasing something that could serve as an income-providing rental property, this auction may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Tranzon Fox2

The Roland Park property that will be on auction on October 1st contains three sunny apartments that work fabulously well as rental properties, given the amazing location.


The property on Falls Road contains .65 acres over two lots, including a duplex.

If all this sounds a bit daunting—for example, if you’ve never participated in a real estate auction before, or if you’re not sure you’re ready to take on a multi-family property—never fear. Rachel Rabinowitz, Tranzon Fox’s auction specialist is just that—a specialist when it comes to helping lay people (that’s most of us) understand the process of buying at auction. And she’s more than happy to help. In fact, most inquiries that Rachel receives about properties for auction come from people new to the process, regular folks looking to make a smart purchase. And one of her first pieces of advice for those new to the game is to get informed—ask questions and find out just how the auction will work. But once you’ve got all the info you need? Have fun, suggests Rachel. After all, “no one can predict with certainty what’s going to happen,” she says, but finding the perfect property can be a real rush—and with special opportunities like a one-day auction, how could there not be at least a little thrill in the air?

For more information about Tranzon Fox’s relocation auctions, or these particular properties, visit www.tranzon.com.

Pigtown Design: Hammer Time (at auction!)


As you might have guessed by now, I am a fan of auctions. I’ve been attending them for years, and regardless of whether I buy something or not, there’s always something to be learned.

For new collectors, auctions are great. You can pick up the piece, look underneath it, heft it in your hands, check for damages, and thoroughly examine the piece before you bid on it. Most of the better auction houses have catalogues, which you can either purchase or download from their website, and they give you some information about what’s going under the hammer.

One of our local auction houses (Alex Cooper) has an auction about every six to eight weeks, and it’s a lot of fun to attend.  I usually attend one of the previews, so I can check things out before the actual auction. I generally have the catalogue in hand, so I can mark off the  lots that interest me. It’s also a good social time, as you frequently see the same people time after time.

After talking about intaglios and reliefs in my last post,I was delighted to see several lots of mounted collections of these pieces.

Julie Bowen Auction Item Raises Record Bid at Local Fundraiser


At Saturday night’s “Pumpkins on the Green” event to benefit the Irvine Nature Center, organizers auctioned off an item featuring Julie Bowen that scored a winning bid of $21,000. “There was a bidding war going on,” said one man in attendance.  “But once it hit $20,000 the other guy said ‘that’s enough.'”  The auction item includes lunch with the Emmy-winning star, a tour of the Modern Family set, DVDs, a script and cast photo all signed by the stars of the show.

The nonprofit is understandably thrilled: “We’re so proud and lucky to count Julie among our many amazing friends! She is truly lovely, and we can’t thank her enough for being our honorary chair,”  said Beth Lacey Gill, marketing and communications director at the Irvine Nature Center.