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Hundreds of audio restorers, preservationists gathering in Baltimore this week for a conference all about sound recordings

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Ian Nagoski says he was first drawn to foreign records as a teenager. He would go to a yard sale and, for example, find an entire box of 78s, all in Russian, and “90 percent of them were terrible…and then there’d be two good ones in the box,” he says.

Such finds were rewarding. “It was this transformative thing where I got obsessed with one singer, and then in order to learn her story I had to learn about every one around her, her scene.”

Sharing Stories of Place and Memory in Baltimore


baltimore512pxIf you tuned in to WEAA last week, you might have heard something different — and exciting — come over the airwaves. Baltimore journalist Stacia L. Brownstatic1.squarespace

just launched a new audio documentary series, The Rise of Charm City, which debuted on the station last week. The series aims to tell intergenerational stories about place and memory in Baltimore City — the kinds of stories you don’t really hear anywhere else. Baltimore Fishbowl chatted with Stacia about this new program:

Your new documentary series, The Rise of Charm City, recently launched. Tell us a little bit about how the project came to be, and where you hope to go with it.

I applied for a grant with AIR’s Localore: Finding America project. It’s an initiative that aims to bring innovative storytelling projects to public radio in cities across the country, in an effort to attract underrepresented and marginalized voices to public radio and/or to introduce the uninitiated to public radio-listening. I applied on behalf of myself, as an independent producer. WEAA 88.9 FM also applied, separately, as a station. Both the station and I were selected as finalists for Baltimore. We were then paired and we developed our project from there. We want to celebrate locations and neighborhoods that haven’t gotten enough shine.