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Spoken Word and Speed Dating at Arcos


There are some things that go on in Baltimore that I refer to as, “Mad Lib Events.”  They’re the ones where someone pulled adjectives and nouns out of a hat to create the name of an event, and it somehow comes together for something wonderful, something random, something quintessentially Baltimore.  Tonight at Arcos in Fells Point is a prime example.

For all those days you’ve wished you could speed date at a Spoken Word Poetry event at a Mexican restaurant, here is your chance!  You read that properly-
Speed Dating
Spoken Word Poetry
Mexican Food

Perhaps you’ve tried online dating and can’t find anyone beyond men who have a fascination with fedoras, the general creepers, and the overall terrifying.  Get off your computer and be more efficient about this whole process.  Meet people face to face.  Find out the true quality of their poetry as opposed to having to read on their profile that they’re “an under-appreciated fountain pen of poetic prose.”  If the dates and poems really are that bad, at least the margaritas and nachos are within arms reach.

129 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD

Tuesday February 19, 2013
6:00pm – close

Speed dating, spoken word poetry, Mexican food!

Your bar tab.

Guacamole Is a Cruel Mistress: A Recipe


University of Baltimore Asst. Prof. and Bohemian Rhapsody Columnist Marion Winik has strong opinions about how to prepare guacamole — and she’s not kidding around.

A couple of weeks ago in The New York Times Book Review “How to” issue, novelist Kate Christensen, who has recently moved to Maine, had a wonderful essay about making clam chowder. The theme of embracing a new place through its ingredients and dishes is a sweet one to me. It was the story of me and Texas, where I lived for 20 years.

The Tex-Mex food I am and always will be obsessed with is divided into two categories: things you can make at home, and things you should go to Texas to eat in a restaurant, like cheese enchiladas or huevos rancheros with fresh tortillas and refried beans. I won’t dwell on the latter; it will just make us sad. Fortunately, in the do-at-home group is guacamole.