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Baltimore Improv Festival Shows Its Stuff


The 5th Annual Baltimore Improv Festival kicks off tomorrow night at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson.  The festival is produced by the Baltimore Improv Group, a non-profit volunteer group demonstrating the art of improvisational theater in Baltimore through workshops and performance. 

Improv groups from Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, and D.C. will join various local troupes to offer evening entertainment through Sunday night.  Get psyched for puppets, musical acts, and, most unusual, an act called “Skinesthesia” based entirely around body-painted flesh characters.  The group site’s description promises an act “you will never forget,” though the name seems to imply you will want to. Site also boasts that the act is “an outrageous orgy of beautiful artistic expression and wit,” which leads us to believe it might not be the “funny” kind of improv, but we think it will be plenty funny either way.

If artistic orgies with a side of wit aren’t your scene, don’t worry: acts like iMusical, Lekker, The Oxymorons, and many more promise laughter without the secondhand embarrassment of a nudie paint show. 

So, whether you love improv, love to laugh, or just want a weird story for this weekend’s cocktail parties, check out the Baltimore Improv Festival.