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You Love Kelly Walker: An ArtStar in the Self-Making


“Seratonin”: “[To be displayed in] Ruth Shaw’s window for fall. I am so excited about the fall color palette and soothing washes of color!” (40×60 diptych, acrylic, spray paint, metal leaf & wax on canvas)
On her website, Baltimore-based artist Kelly Walker says she makes her action-packed, explosively colorful abstract paintings – using a diverse array of materials, from acrylic to lacquer, car paint to spray paint, metal leaf, oil, and asphalt – because she cannot stop moving.

Born in Evansville, Indiana, in 1975, Walker does comes across as, well, hyper-energized, in person – judging by her extra-chatty, big-bespectacled persona, you might guess she’s a brand-new “Saturday Night Live” cast member before you’d say she’s the serious fine artist who shows her work at the BMA, Silo Point, and so forth, and the design talent who commands high-end clientele, collaborating with Patrick Sutton and others.