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Probably the Only Time It Has Ever Been Convenient to Be Deployed to Afghanistan



When Derrick Jones of Aberdeen received orders to ship off to Afghanistan in mid-October with the Maryland National Guard, he may have thought, “Just in the nick of the time.” Jones is a corrections officer who had recently become a suspect in the outrageous corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Allegedly, Black Guerrilla Family leader Tavon White (who, in case you forgot, allegedly ran his criminal operations from jail with the full cooperation of several corrections officers — four of whom he fathered children with) referred to Jones has his “homeboy” in intercepted phone conversations.

We’re Not There Yet: Instagram Alive and Well at Baltimore City Detention Center



From the Fox Baltimore article
From Fox Baltimore

Prison officials won’t confirm that these photos are legit, but it certainly looks like an inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Center is posting photos to his Instagram account on a contraband cellphone that we’ve gone to the trouble of training dogs to sniff out. The pictures aren’t particularly exciting — one man or several men standing around in prison — but it’s one more embarrassment for a system embroiled in a scandal so terrible it’s almost silly.

Don’t Worry, Baltimore’s Prison “Cellphone Crisis” Nearly Solved!



When you look at Baltimore’s outrageous prison scandal, you may see a poisoned system, a disastrous combination of corruption and negligence. Me, I see a simple failure to adequately keep track of cellphones.

Luckily, the Baltimore City Detention Center has plans to complement the efforts of their phone-sniffing dogs (the existence of which has really ignited my imagination — what else can we train dogs to smell?) with a high-tech cellphone jamming system.