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Baltimore Start-Up Raises $1.5 million



As we mentioned the other day, Baltimore is a great place to be a tech worker. Not only are salaries high, there are also plenty of investors looking to give seed funding to what they hope will be the next hot idea. Case in point: Citelighter, which promises to help students organize citations in academic papers — and which just raised $1.52 million in financial backing, the bulk of it from Baltimore area investors.

What If Baltimore Had Subway Stations Instead of Subway Restaurants?


Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 10.21.17 AM

Emily Badger over at The Atlantic Cities pointed us toward Chris Nelson’s playful rendering of a very different (and very imaginary) Baltimore transit map, one in which every Subway (the sandwich shop) was instead, well, a subway (the public transit option). A girl can dream, right?