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Beth Tfiloh’s Kesher Virtual Preschool Program: Keeping Students & Families Connected

Emily ’34 and fellow Kesher Program kids work side by side with classmates in Morah Levey’s Fours class

At the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, things look a little different these days. There are students attending classes in person, while others are learning virtually. Some virtual learners “Zoom in” to the live classroom from home, while others attend an individualized Virtual Academy, in which entire classrooms learn from a BT online teacher through Zoom classes. From PreSchool through High School, there is truly an option for every student that meets the diverse needs of every family, while continuing to nurture the strong connection that each family has to the BT community.

At Beth Tfiloh PreSchool, the in-person classrooms are going about their business with a meaningful addition to their daily routine – the Kesher Program. Kesher kids participate in the live classroom experience through daily Zooms that include all classroom holiday, birthday, and special event celebrations, Kabbalat Shabbat programming, all PreSchool assemblies, and Hebrew language and Judaics three-four times per week. Students and their families are able to stay connected to the school community in a meaningful way by Zooming in throughout the day, so that when they are ready to return, they will already be acclimated to the classroom routines. The Kesher families remain an active part of the PreSchool community despite their physical distance and their experiences thus far have been above and beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Program Spotlight: Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School



Children from Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School and Baltimore’s Ashburton community are building relationships while making history through the Temple X program. A collaboration between Beth Tfiloh, Liberty Grace Church of God, Towson University, Project Wave, and other organizations, Temple X is developing an engaging augmented reality historic walking tour of the Ashburton/Forest Park neighborhoods. The tour will tell the story of growing up through the eyes of a white Jewish child and an African American Christian child in the 1950s.

Still Learning Together: Beth Tfiloh Provides an Education for Life


From the moment the COVID-19 pandemic came into sight last spring, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School’s leadership and faculty singularly focused their efforts directly at caring for students and their families. Thanks to our talented and agile faculty and administration, BT was able to create a virtual academy replete with learning, connection, and growth for the youngest ones through graduating seniors.

Last week, we were excited to welcome our students back to our school campus in stages (subject to change, of course). “We’ve spent an enormous amount of time coming up with a reopening plan that takes into consideration, first and foremost, the health and wellness and wellbeing of our school community,” said Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr.

Beth Tfiloh Lower School: Building Lifelong Character and Respect

Kindergarten students start their day with a positive tone at their morning meeting

By: Dr. Susan Holzman, Lower School Principal, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

 “Your students are so nice!”

That’s what Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School principals and faculty members hear time and again from their colleagues at other schools about the BT students. That kind of niceness is the result of Beth Tfiloh’s mission to grow Jewish citizens who are ready to face the world with poise, knowledge, and humanity.

Our students can trace the roots of this education back to lessons they learned in BT’s PreSchool and Lower School. BT’s Lower School places the highest importance on imbuing classrooms with a spirit of derech eretz — the code of proper behavior that binds us to each other as human beings and as Jews.

College Acceptances: Beth Tfiloh’s Secret Sauce


A behind-the-scenes look at Beth Tfiloh’s comprehensive college guidance programs

Beth Tfiloh’s class of 2019 graduates were accepted to a wide range of post-high school educational options that offer the best opportunities for each individual student. Those schools spanned 64 colleges and universities — including an 88% acceptance rate at University of Maryland, College Park, double UMD’s national average acceptance rate of 44%.

The list includes universities across the US, such as Brandeis University, Northwestern University, Pratt Institute, Princeton University, Tulane University, University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Tech; Baltimore-area schools, including Goucher College, Towson University, and University of Baltimore; and universities and gap programs around the world. These schools all have one thing in common: they are the right fit for each student.

What’s the secret to Beth Tfiloh students finding the right post-high school option for them? It’s BT’s renowned college guidance department. Beth Tfiloh Director of College Guidance Mrs. Halaine Steinberg offers a behind-the-scenes look at BT’s multi-year college guidance program.

STEM at Beth Tfiloh: A Bold New Approach to 21st Century Learning

Mr. Vince Bonina shows orthotic hands to high school students

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School is proud to unveil a new school-wide STEM initiative, which encompasses three dimensions: building a STEM mindset, setting 21st century student learning goals, and implementing the STEM Learning Action Plan.

Mr. Vince Bonina, Beth Tfiloh’s newly-appointed Director of STEM Education, explains, “As our understanding of student learning evolves and as the skills needed to participate in business and industry change, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics stand out as increasingly more relevant.” The STEM mindset is a 21st century, holistic educational approach that represents a shift from compartmentalized subjects to interdisciplinary study.

“Every single division – from PreSchool through High School – has been encouraged and supported to enhance STEM and 21st century learning integration in their curricula,” said Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr.

The Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools is Here


Baltimore Fishbowl Second Annual Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools has arrived.