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Is the Big Ten Better for the University of Maryland?



by Ed Waldman/Pressbox

Think of it like stepping up to a Maserati after 60 years of driving a Cadillac. That Caddy had treated you well. It was comfortable. You knew where every dial and gauge was — in fact, you helped design it. Now, after driving that Maserati for a year, you now keep asking yourself, “What the heck was I worried about?”

The University of Maryland will begin its second year of Big Ten competition this month, and by nearly every measure, the move from the Atlantic Coast Conference, which the Terps helped start in 1953, has been a rousing success.

University of Maryland Spent $3,000 for Good PR on Facebook



Last year, when the University of Maryland announced its move to the Big Ten, many comments online were negative. Grantland called it “big, dumb, [and] greedy,” and more than half of ESPN readers opposed the move. To combat the bad feeling in the air, the Baltimore Sun revealed this week, UM hired a consulting firm to help “correct any ‘inaccuracies’ appearing on websites” as the Big 10 move was announced.

JHU Men’s Lacrosse Joins the Big Ten



Here’s the letter that Johns Hopkins president Ronald Daniels sent to alumni announcing the university’s men’s lacrosse team’s conference jump:

A few weeks ago, I announced plans to seek a conference affiliation for the university’s men’s lacrosse team, a decision that was based on a recommendation from a special committee charged with examining all aspects of this issue. Today, I am very pleased to announce that I have accepted an offer from the presidents and chancellors of the Big Ten to have Johns Hopkins join the conference as a sport affiliate member for men’s lacrosse.

This is an important moment for both Johns Hopkins and Big Ten men’s lacrosse. For the first time, the Big Ten has welcomed a university into its ranks to participate in a single sport. For the first time, there will be formal Big Ten competition in men’s lacrosse. And for the first time, after more than 130 years of independent participation at the highest levels of the sport, the regular season schedule for our Blue Jays will include league games.