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Military Blimp Over Baltimore Breaks Free


blimpIf the sky to the northeast of Baltimore seems to be lacking a big white floaty thing, it’s not just you. The military blimp that flew over Aberdeen Proving Ground broke free earlier today and floated up to Pennsylvania. Ensuring it seemed like a movie plot, fighter jets were scrambled.

Permanent Surveillance Blimps to be Stationed Over Baltimore

Image via Washington Post
Image via Washington Post

The powers that be must’ve liked what they saw when that Navy blimp hovered over Baltimore for a few days late last year. The Army has just announced plans to install two permanent, unmanned surveillance blimps in suburban Baltimore. They’ll float at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, tracking threats from North Carolina to Boston.

So, What’s the Deal with that Giant Blimp That’s Been Flying Over Baltimore?



“Does anyone know what this unmarked white blimp that has been flying around the city is all about?” a Reddit user asked the Internet yesterday. You know, because people get nervous when large objects loom overhead for no discernible reason.