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Event Pick: City Garage Hosts Baltimore’s Inaugural VR Olympics

Image via Wikimedia Commons

As the clock ticks for a certain winter sport competition to begin in South Korea this week, City Garage is hosting a much smaller, more futuristic version of the Olympics tonight in South Baltimore.

Pro Skaters Helping to Raise Money for Rash Field Skatepark at Fundraiser this Saturday

Image via Facebook

Local skateboarding prodigy-turned-professional Joey Jett spent the last year traveling the world and filming with two skateboarding icons. This Saturday, Jett will unveil their finished work at a fundraiser for a new skatepark at Rash Field.

The New Port Covington Bike Path Will Glow in the Dark


Sagamore Development has begun construction of a bike path through Port Covington “connecting South Baltimore, City Garage and West Covington Park to points east of Hanover and eventually to Key Highway.” And it’s going to glow.

Baltimore: The Next Great Startup City?



Everyone thinks of Silicon Valley as tech startup central–and, well, it is. But there are also plenty of tech-minded folks out there who can’t handle the high cost of living, and who instead flock to other cities. Other cities like, well, Baltimore.