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In Memory of Civil Rights Leader Marion Curtis Bascom


Last fall, we published “Eight Over 80,” a four-part series profiling Baltimore seniors who are still vital in their everyday lives and making a difference.  We learned a few days ago that one of the subjects of the series, Dr. Marion Curtis Bascom, died last Thursday. In honor of Dr. Bascom we re-publish below the section on him as a tribute to the giant of civil rights. – The Eds.

Marion Curtis Bascom 

D.O.B.: March 14, 1925, Pensacola, Florida

Education: Washington High School,’42, Florida Memorial College ’46,
Howard University, B.D. ’48

Career, Present and Past:
The legendary civil rights leader Reverend Marion Bascom continues, in an interpersonal way, his lifelong work for peace, equality and human rights. “I am counsel to a lot of people, a personal counselor, dealing with problems of people living together and with each other…I’m broadly humanitarian. I have no problems with lifestyles. One of my professors said often, ‘Only God knows what comes in one’s birthday basket.’ I’ve taken that for all of these years. I’m very much on the path with John Spong, retired bishop of the Episcopal Church. I’m not a typical Christian. I don’t make demands on how, when and under what circumstances people believe, God included. That’s one I’m free of.”