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John Waters Gives a Tour of Hip 1981 Baltimore


1981 john waters

There’s something so deliciously early 80s about this clip of John Waters promoting a film (1981’s Polyester) and showing a film crew around the Baltimore of 30+ years ago. There are glimpses of Edith Massey‘s store in Fells Point, Arabbers trotting down the street, and a very young John Waters looking too cool for school.

The New York Times Travels to Baltimore, Predictably Mentions Beehive Hairdos


The last time the New York Times travel section covered Baltimore, they portrayed the city as a Hon-tastic place full of “beehive hairdos and wacky museums.” Well, better than the Wire-retreads that the European travel sections tend to prefer, at least. But that was three years ago, which means our fair city is due for another travel treatment from the Gray Lady — and, hey, the one they just published this week isn’t half bad!

Lost City Diner is Actually Open, Actually Serving Milkshakes (For Real This Time)


The diner at the corner of Charles and Lafayette Streets in Station North stood vacant and papered-over for so long that its long-promised opening started to seem like an impossible dream. Which was heartbreaking, since it’s the perfect spot for a diner — and, in a city that sorely lacks late-night greasy spoon-type spots, a boon for anyone craving fries and a milkshake after midnight. “The Lost City Diner is lost,” moaned Baltimore Magazine a year and a half ago.

But despair no longer, residents of Station North — or patrons of the Charles & Everyman Theatres (right across the street), or the Club Charles (practically next door), or fans of the once-great Zodiac Restaurant. The Lost City Diner is actually for-real-this-time open for business, and it looks great. The walls are lined with blown-up versions of pulp novel covers, the counter is fully of shiny milkshake-making implements, and the whole place has a rosy glow that makes you want to hunker down with a cup of coffee.

From what I hear, the long-delayed opening had something to do with a liquor license, and (for now at least), Lost City is BYOB. Price-wise, with  $10 burgers and $15 entrees it’s not really serving up cheap eats. But with a long list of special milkshakes/ice cream sundaes and the powerhouse force of Joy Martin (owner of the Club Charles) behind it, we’re not complaining.

Photo by Flickr user Charlemagne OP