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 Gilman School Student is Accepted by All Eight Ivy League Colleges


At the age of six, Gilman School senior Mekhi Johnson heard a radio story about a student who was accepted at all of the Ivy League schools and told his mother, “I’m going to do that one day.”

Gilman Congratulates Its 2018 College-bound Athletes



On Gilman’s signing day, student-athletes wore spirit items from their schools and coaches summarized each athlete’s accomplishments.

College-bound Gilman Athletes: Congratulations to students who will be playing their sport on the college level next year. They include:

  • Thomas Booker, football at Stanford University
  • Bryce Bush, football at James Madison University
  • Sam Cosimano, lacrosse at Franklin & Marshall College
  • Maxwell Costes, baseball at University of Maryland
  • Jeremy Cranston, lacrosse at Dickinson College
  • Will DeMuth, lacrosse at Franklin & Marshall College
  • Will Dewire, squash at Tufts
  • Mason Freeman, track at Bowdoin
  • Jarius Gaines, golf at Hampton University
  • Douglas Godine, lacrosse at Denison
  • Jonathon Hazlehurst, lacrosse at Rhodes College
  • Teddy MacFarlane, lacrosse at Dickinson College
  • Brandon Madison, football at The United States Naval Academy
  • Liam Muhly, lacrosse at Drexel University
  • Alex Slodzinski, football at Trinity College
  • Derrick Thompson, tennis at The United States Naval Academy
  • Mac Webster, golf at Boston College
  • Brandon Willis, football at The United States Naval Academy
  • Michael Willis, baseball at Georgetown University



So, Uh, How Do You Actually Pick a College?


After the anxiety of applications and the tense months spent waiting, the vast majority of high school seniors know which colleges have admitted and which have rejected them. For students with a clear favorite, or who only applied to one school, the decision is a no-brainer. But there are plenty of kids out there who received multiple chipper CONGRATULATIONS! emails, and who are now left trying to figure out which school will be the best fit. No stress, kids — this is just The Biggest Decision You’ve Probably Ever Made, To Date. So we’ve come up with some tips on how to decide between multiple good choices:

Getting In: Where She’s Meant to Be



Emily is waiting to hear from three more schools.  It is March 29th, and these schools notify by April 1st.  So, the story will be told in a few short days.  It’s hard to think what the ending might be.  God knows we have been surprised by a few chapters along the way.

Some of my friends with older kids have been saying all along, “Don’t worry.  It all works out.  They all end up where they are meant to be.”  While one might be tempted to the comfort of this notion, I certainly have the knee-jerk reaction of “hogwash!”  Life does not always work out the way we want or even need.