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City Leaders Mull Damaged Columbus Obelisk’s Fate, and Activists Resume Columbus Day Renaming Campaign

Still via Popular Resistance/YouTube

Baltimore’s mayor and one city councilman are separately trying to sort out how to proceed with the damaged monument to explorer Christopher Columbus in Northeast Baltimore.

In Close Vote, City Council Decides to Keep Columbus Day



In one of the last votes of the 2016 City Council term last night, lawmakers decided to keep Columbus Day the way it is.

City Councilman Brandon Scott Wants To Replace Columbus Day

Courtesy of Brandon Scott/City Council
Courtesy of Brandon Scott/City Council

Many Baltimoreans likely got to stay home from work yesterday in celebration of Columbus Day. City Councilman Brandon Scott and many others who protest the day each year take issue with that – but don’t worry, they don’t necessarily want to take away your day off.