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Health Dept. Warns Baltimoreans About Cosmetic Tattooing Procedure for Eyebrows

Photo via Defacto Salons

With more salons illegally offering a trending eyebrow-alteration service called “microblading,” Baltimore health officials have issued a warning to city residents to try to keep them safe.

Grand Opening Party at LUSH Cosmetics Harbor East


LUSH Cosmetics
catch of the day fish (2)We have been loyal LUSH shoppers (Lushies, they call us) for a long, long time now. Like, since back when people talked about LUSH by saying “I don’t know, it’s like, this weird new cosmetics company from like, Canada or something?” Since then, LUSH has spread like wildfire, bringing amazing, natural cosmetics and body care products to practically the whole world. And if you’ve never been to a LUSH store, there’s no better time than this Saturday, when you can swing by the new LUSH Harbor East for their Grand Opening party, which offers all the decadence of a regular day at LUSH, plus so much more.

Locally Made Nail Polish from Chaos & Crocodiles


Chaos and Crocodiles

catch of the day fish (2)Most of us have played around, experimenting with creating our own cosmetics and bath products. Ever melted beeswax and essential oils together to make lip balm? Or whisked a few egg-whites with sugar and avocado for a face mask? The kitchen is a great place to try your hand at creating your own beauty products, but when it comes to nail polish—that toxic-smelling, enamel-hard stuff that can dissolve Styrofoam, and comes in colors not found in nature— few of us would have the perfect combination of curiosity, determination, and “why not?” required to actually start making the stuff ourselves. Luckily, Baltimore is home to Sarey Booth-Neadles, who did have all these qualities (along with the generosity to share the fruits of her labor.

Strawberry Fields Lipstick (and everything else) from Angelberry Organics


Angelberry Organics

catch of the day fish (2)Here at Catch of the Day, we try really hard to be specific about what we like. We try to only share the good stuff. You know how it is when you take a friend to your favorite restaurant and it feels so good to be able to say, “ooh, try the ____. It’s amazing.” There’s the confidence of picking a good establishment, but there’s that extra pride in knowing the absolute best, most special thing they have to offer. It’s just not as exciting when you find yourself (or the server) saying, “oh, everything’s equally good here.” But at the same time, sometimes everything really is good! And so, without extending our metaphor too much further, we bring you Angelberry Organics, the totally amazing (and local) why-would-you-buy-cosmetics-from-anyone-else-no-really-why? company whose natural line of beauty products features one of the least natural-looking, but most cosmic products of recent memory: Strawberry Fields liquid lipstick.