We’ve all driven up to a house for sale, only be turned off by the color of the shutters, style of the front door, or lack of landscaping. When my husband and I drove up to the front of an open house in Towson 4 years ago, he took one look and said, “No way.” But the interior photos looked so good on line, and the agent was standing in the doorway, so I made him park and we took a look. There was a LOT of work to do, but we had the vision, so we purchased the home.

HilltopFrontbefore-1024x768The exterior was a dreary brown, the front deck was surrounded by a plywood wall, and the side porch as been used as an atrium room. The front sliders were leaky and ugly. But we used our imagination and called on our photoshop skills to redesign the front of the house. Click to view more stunning pics.