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Johns Hopkins Predicts 10 Million to Lose Power

Seth Guikema hurricane power outage prediction
Seth Guikema is smiling because he knows when your power is coming back on.

Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines:  10 Million May Lose Power in Storm. After you spend half an hour freaking out and gathering candles, you might start to wonder:  hey, how do they reach a number like that before the storm has even hit? Complicated computer modeling, it turns out, and Baltimore — well, specifically, Johns Hopkins — can take credit for this one, thank you very much.

How Much Should We Blame BGE for the Power Outages?


Did you lose power from the derecho storm? Do you primarily blame BGE? If so, you’re in good company. Extended power outages in the middle of a heatwave have incensed consumers and politicians who either want see the utility punished, improved, or a little bit of both.

Charles Village After the Storm


When my family and  I drove back to Baltimore Saturday night after being away for less than 36 hours, the only clue we had that a storm had hit was a series of downed branches reaching into the shoulder on I-83. Nothing was out of the ordinary at our apartment. It was only later that night that we heard of the million or so without power in Virginia and the hundreds of thousands without power in Maryland.

The next morning I walked with my son up St. Paul Street and saw this wrecked tree, which is slightly more spectacular in real life.