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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – Gifts For Indoors

Gifts for the Indoors

Welcome to the Baltimore Fishbowl Local Gift Guide series. We’ll be featuring ten themed items each week through the holidays. Let us help you find that special something for everyone on your list, while supporting local businesses, and getting out to shop in different parts of this diverse and thriving city.

Handmade Pop Art Baltimore Neighborhood Map



catch of the day fish (2)Roaming around Baltimore, it does often seem that our city has a new neighborhood just about every three blocks. Some neighborhoods are even so small that pretty much only the people who live there really know the name (and boundaries) of their neighborhood. It’s like we have neighborhoods inside of neighborhoods inside of neighborhoods. Well, thanks to local artist Justine Bedard, there is now a comprehensive (if not 100% practical) map that shows each neighborhood’s name, and exactly where it sits in this mess of a neighborhood.